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Find a TOTO Factory-Trained NEOREST and WASHLET Repair and Installation Technician


TOTO has enjoyed tremendous growth in NEOREST and WASHLET sales. An essential aspect of this growth is the Best-in-Class service we provide our customers throughout the ownership of their TOTO product. Product installation and repair by TOTO Factory-Trained Technicians is one key aspect of our world-class after-sales service.

COVID Precautions and Safety Measures:

Due to COVID 19 concerns, TOTO and our installer partners will follow proper protocols to protect you and your family while visiting your home.

TOTO follows the protocols and Guidelines of the CDC while performing the installation. See The CDC Guidelines Here.

This Technician has experience on NEOREST products.
This Technician has experience on WASHLET products.
This Technician has experience on WASHLET+ products.

What Does It Mean to be a TOTO Factory-Trained Technician?

TOTO selects and carefully vets our Factory-Trained Technicians, who must adhere to rigorous performance standards that ensure customer satisfaction.

TOTO Factory-Trained Technicians receive the following training:

INSTALLATION: TOTO Factory-Trained Technicians receive training on the proper installation and operation of a WASHLET, WASHLET+, or NEOREST.

PRODUCT CARE AND MAINTENANCE: TOTO Factory-Trained Technicians are trained on the best practices to maintain NEOREST, WASHLET+, and WASHLET units in excellent working order. They are available to TOTO customers throughout the life of their product to ensure their experience is consistently excellent.

WHITE-GLOVE SERVICE: TOTO Factory-Trained Technicians are trained to go out of their way to minimize household disruption and provide an unparalleled installation experience. They are also available for pre-installation visits to ensure a seamless installation.

TOTO provides our professional partners with a locator page on the TOTO USA website. We will advocate on your behalf with the location(s) and service(s) that you have been trained to provide for TOTO products.

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