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Inspired by the extraordinary beauty of Nature’s asymmetrical shapes

  • Inspired by the beauty of asymmetrical shapes found in nature, TOTO’s ZA Faucet Series embraces an aesthetic of organic simplicity that encourages a sense of calm relaxation.

    Characterized by crisp edges and generous fluid curves, the ZA Faucet’s dual tone spout offers the contrapuntal beauty of polished and brushed finishes, which are combined in this modulated form to achieve a balanced design of a different order.

    The perfect capstone for this faucet’s unique design, its dual tone, asymmetrical lever handle is shaped like a small stone, which is beautiful from any angle.

An ultra-luxe, high-end design offers a stark, refined beauty.

  • The ultra-luxe, high-design ZL Faucet Series’ design is elegant and understated with a stark, refined beauty. Its timeless styling and flawless performance is always modern and lasting.

    This ultra-thin faucet’s spout measures a mere eight millimeters and three millimeters at its joints – the thinnest in the industry.

    TOTO’s ability to bring to market a fully functioning faucet with such an ultra-slim, high-luxe spout is a testament to the development and precision manufacturing capabilities for which TOTO is renowned worldwide.


Inspired by the beauty of a finely-honed traditional Japanese sword.

  • Inspired by the finely-honed beauty of a traditional Japanese sword, the GE faucet family embodies the beauty of classical Japanese design updated in a contemporary form. The GE faucets merge TOTO’s latest technology with a respect for the less industrial, more handmade sensibility of traditional Japanese crafts and techniques.

    The GE faucet’s classic five-sided Chevron design, with its distinctive V-shape, extends from the faucet’s base to the tip of the spout, recalling the sharpness of a traditional Japanese sword. With the beauty of carefully ground metalwork, the multifaceted reflective surfaces capture a range of expressions. The polished French gold finish enhances this sophisticated design, giving it a richer, deeply luxurious sensibility that will enhance high-design bath spaces.


Timeless sophistication inspired by ancient Japanese culture.

  • Inspired by the rows of columns standing at a Japanese temple’s entrance, the GC Faucet Series epitomizes timeless sophistication and contemporary elegance informed by ancient Japanese culture. This elegant faucet family will make a striking design statement in residential bath spaces and bath environments in both hospitality and commercial settings.

    Featuring a dramatic high arc ribbon spout, the GC Faucet’s widespread design is a showpiece. The horizontal line at the base of the faucet and its lever handles serves to unify the design. This elegant faucet’s low center of gravity adds a dignified accent to interior spaces.


Bold parallel arches evoke the majestic sensibility of iconic Japanese culture.

  • Characterized by bold parallel arches and reflective curves, the majestic GM Faucet Series’ spout and columnar body invoke the dignity and stately aura of the bow-shaped arc atop a traditional Torii gate at the entrance to a Japanese temple. Its imposing presence is further accentuated by the highlights that trace its gently beveled edges.

    The majestic GM faucet family offers homeowners and designers an opportunity to incorporate designs informed by ancient Japanese architecture updated for today.



A dramatic design imbued with a stately sense of dignity and sophistication.

  • The GB Faucet Series balances its stately square design with clean, simple lines and contrapuntal cleft. It will imbue any bath space with a sense of sophistication and dignity. The gently beveled edges and balanced highlights on its glossy finish accentuate the shape of the gently tapering spout and the faucet’s dramatically sleek silhouette as a whole.

    Infusing this contemporary design with a classic character, the GB faucet family is designed for homeowners and design professionals who celebrate the beauty of simplicity. It pairs perfectly with an array of contemporary bath environments.


A sophisticated cylindrical design inspires a high-end sensibility.

  • The GF Faucet Series is characterized by its refined aesthetic, arising from its elegant integration of oblong and round shapes that combine to create a super-slim cylindrical design with a high-end luxury sensibility.

    The delicate workmanship at its joints and slender cleft are set off to advantage by its clean, simple lines. The high-quality, spindle-processed handle has a delightful feel to the touch.

    Using a brushed finish on the handle and a polished finish on the body results in a rich contrast of textures in the faucet’s finish.


Nature’s subtle grace evokes a refined, delicate beauty.

  • Inspired by the subtle grace of the natural world, TOTO’s GO faucet family expresses a refined, delicate beauty with its fusion of organic forms with the fluidity of its elegant, sleek lines. It evokes the image of a young, healthy plant stretching upward toward the sun as it draws nourishment from the earth below.

    These matchless lavatory faucets illustrate a refined style with their graceful organic design and unique top- or side-mount single handle. The GO faucet will serve as a sophisticated statement piece in any bath.


Bold block design evokes a sophisticated design statement.

  • The perfect balance of the bold block design, gently curved surface and crisp edges on the handle and spout surface makes for a sophisticated design statement.

    The contemporary GR Faucet Series streamlined design is regally square without the blocky look associated with most square single-lever designs. The thin spout adds symmetry to the lever handle for geometric balance and fluidity that accentuates the independent operation of the handle.

    The handle’s width is equal to that of the spout, providing a harmonious counterpoint to the commanding square faucet body. The handle, spout, and body reflect light, shining like a jewel.


A modern design wrapping a relaxed, unassuming shape.

  • The simple, graceful design of the GS Faucet Series features a seamless, one-piece design with a gently sloping spout silhouette that pays homage to the beauty of nature and the superb craftsmanship of TOTO. It melds modern fluidity with transitional design elements for an elegant, approachable faucet collection that complements traditional, transitional, and contemporary bath decors.


The elegant simplicity of organic shapes found in Nature.

  • The LB faucet family embodies the maxim that the simplest designs can be the most beautiful. Characterized by a simple arrangement of cylindrical shapes, the LB faucet defies expectation with the smooth curves that join its components.

    In this way, the LB faucet brings to mind the juxtaposition of organic elements with a manmade environment—almost like the branches of a tree emerging against the backdrop of an urban cityscape


Contemporary geometric design softened with soothing sensibility.

  • Inspired by a desire to temper the hard edges and straight lines of contemporary geometric faucet designs while maintaining their architectural integrity, the LF Faucet Series has a familiar, almost comforting sensibility, which derives from the softening effect of its increased volume and supple, rounded edges and corners.

    The lines of this stylish collection are clean and elegant with a softer appeal.


Everyday ease-of-use that is grounded in the senses.


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