CES 2020



“Experience TOTO” was the watchword at CES 2020. The company employed interactive displays of its groundbreaking technologies and large-format lifestyle videos to demonstrate its support for “Anyone, Any Time, Anywhere.” Highlighting its commitment to “Cleanovation,” TOTO showcased its WASHLET+ models and NEOREST Intelligent Toilets with their innovative technologies that provide “Cleanliness and Comfort 24/7/365.” TOTO shared its IoT-enabled restroom collaborations—public, retailer, and mobile—in its “Universal Cleanliness” section. Its “Relaxology” area showcased TOTO’s Flotation Tub with ZERO DIMENSION (a CES Innovation Awards 2019 – Honoree) and Global Showers with WARM SPA, which provide “Care for People & Planet.”

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